Auckland Council (and the former councils) has been collecting information about Auckland’s people and environment for more than 30 years.

Our comprehensive monitoring programmes build a picture of the state of Auckland and to track changes – both environmentally and socially. Information from monitoring programmes helps to inform decisions for current and future Auckland.

Regional State of the Environment reports were produced for 2015, 2009, 2004 and 1999. Since 2011 these reports have been complemented by State of Auckland report cards which provide summary information at a local level and are updated more frequently than the large regional report.

REPORT CARDS (Local Area Reporting)

These report cards give you information on the state of Auckland’s freshwater, marine, air and terrestrial environments in your local area, as well as reporting on the region’s capacity for growth, demographics and quality of life.

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Auckland’s natural environment is diverse and magnificent, from harbours, lakes and streams to productive soils, indigenous forests, ranges and islands.

We all live in the environment, depend on the life-supporting services it provides and are invested in its wellbeing. Environmental monitoring is like a check-up at the doctor's, by measuring the health of our environment and finding what is in need of attention.

The Health of Auckland’s Natural Environment in 2015 is a report presenting a snapshot of the current and potential environmental issues, recent changes, and long-term trends across the region.


This is the latest scientific data analysis since the previous report issued for 2009. In-depth information is provided on Auckland’s natural environment, with the latest monitoring results outlined across four chapters: Climate, Air, Land, and Water. Auckland Council has more than 1000 environmental monitoring sites around the region, set up to help us track changes and make improvements where they are needed.

Previous State of the Environment reports were produced for 2009, 2004 and 1999.


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